Celebrate Curiosity Day
at the Library!

Arcadia Branch, Friday, September 15, 8:30am to 1:00pm
Focusing on several of the Curious George books, including Curious George at the Fire Station, Curious George and the Fire Fighters, Curious George Visits a Police Station, Curious George goes to the Hospital, Curious George goes to a Movie, Curious George goes Camping, Curious George visits the Library, and Curious George visits the Zoo.

Children will explore a fire truck, a police cruiser, and an ambulance while learning  about being community helpers in these areas; children will sit around a camp fire while they learn a few simple camp fire songs to the sound of a guitar; children will visit a petting zoo right here on our campus; and, of course students will be exposed to the wonderful opportunities our library offers.

Buses will transport school children to the library.  The grades of students attending through the school system will be decided by each elementary principal.  The public is also invited to bring children Pre-K through Second Grade, but we ask that you contact the Children’s Services Coordinator with the number of kids you’ll be bringing.
Children's Services provides a variety of activites to encourage children throughout the parish to come to the Library and use the many services available to them. Programing currently inclues: Story Hour, Summer Reading Program and School & Day Care visits.

For more information call Cheryl Hough today at 263-7410, ext. 6.
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